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Lawyers Chop Down Apple Rumors Site

The 'Think Secret' website, which published insider scoops about Apple products, is to close down as part of a legal settlement. The deal means the site's owners will not have to expose their confidential sources. It marks the end of a lawsuit ... launched by Apple in January 2005 after the site leaked details of the Mac Mini computer two weeks before its official announcement. The case surrounded laws designed to protect journalistic sources. Apple sued the site's boss, Nick Ciarelli, claiming he had unlawfully revealed trade secrets. The Cupertino-based tech company also demanded Ciarelli's ... (view more)

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Apple Spoils Think Secret

I remember one Christmas in grade seven. I completely ruined any surprise my parents may have planned that year by sneaking into their closet and unwrapping all of my gifts before carefully replacing the tape and shelving them just as they had first ... appeared. Had my parents known, they would have been ticked. It looks as if Apple doesn't like it when people ruin their surprises, either. Last week the popular iPod and iPhone maker completed a string of lawsuits meant to close down, a site run by Harvard senior Nicholas M Ciarelli. As you might infer from my anecdote and the ... (view more)

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