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Official: COVID-19 a Pandemic; Tips to Clean Devices

Apple has issued new guidance on how to clean iPhones, iPods and laptops. Though it doesn't mention the reason for the update, it's almost certainly a reaction to concerns about COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus. Most of the medical ... advice for people to minimize the risk of catching or spreading the coronavirus has centered on regular hand washing with hot water for at least 20 seconds and avoiding touching the face. However, portable devices are certainly an area of concern, given how often many owners touch them during a day. Apple already offers official advice for keeping ... (view more)

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Temporary Internet Files: safe to delete?

Infopackets Reader Phyllis R. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have just completed a 'disk cleanup' on my computer. When the disk cleanup finished, it said I could free up more space on my C drive if I deleted my Temporary Internet Files. Is this a safe ... procedure, and do you recommend it? Every once in a while I clean out my Temporary Internet Files and web site history, but was curious of your opinion. Thanks for any help you can provide. " My response: Before answering that question, it's important to understand the role of Temporary Internet Files before you go and delete them ;-). In ... (view more)

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Remove Scratches from CD or DVD compact disc?, Part 2

Since asking Infopackets Readers for their opinion on the best solution for Removing Scratches from CD or DVD compact disc, I have received a land-slide of great suggestions and insight. So far, the consensus has been that many users have ... successfully reported using ordinary house-hold cleaners, such as wood polishers (Pledge), Brasso (a metal polisher), and toothpaste (an abrasive tooth polisher) for small surface scratches. For deep scratches, by far the best recommendation I've received is to take the disc to a local DVD video or CD music rental store and have them repair it. These stores ... (view more)

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Webroot's Window Washer Review

In light of our recent discussions on PC Privacy and Security, I've decided to write a review on Webroot's Windows Washer after receiving a few emails from Readers who recommended the program. What is Webroot's Window Washer? With web browsers and ... other applications constantly recording personal tidbits of information -- such as documents and pictures you've viewed, plus web sites recently visited -- maintaining privacy while using your PC can be a daunting task. Webroot's award-winning Window Washer is a comprehensive, simple-to-use utility which protects user privacy and maintains system ... (view more)

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