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Leak Shows FBI Bought Spyware

A business which makes spying software for governments and police has been hit by a major hacking attack. The company has recommended customers temporarily stop using its products in case the attack compromises security. The business is named ... "Hacking Team," and is based in Italy. It specializes in software that can monitor the online activities of computer users and even retrieve data from their computers. Critics claim the software often uses the same tactics as malware created by cyber criminals. The firm says its situation is different as it only sells its products to public ... (view more)

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US Think Tank Hacked by Anonymous

International hacking group Anonymous has struck again, this time infiltrating a US-based security think tank. Experts believe the group made off with email, home addresses, and credit card information. The think tank in question is Stratfor (which ... stands for "Strategic Forcasting") based in Austin, Texas. It's an economic, military and political consulting group that dispenses high-level advice, reports and analyses for which a who's who list of subscribers in the security industry and elsewhere are more than willing to pay. Confidential Client List Includes Army, MSNBC Experts ... (view more)

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MS Looks to Ad Creativity with Internal Corp Merger

Microsoft is associated with some of the biggest names in technology including Windows, Internet Explorer, Bing and Xbox. When it comes to their advertising department, however, far too many clients are associating Microsoft exclusively with the MSN ... portal. The correlation is said to occur so frequently, that it has become cause for major organizational changes to their advertising department, in an effort to highlight other marketing and media potential. Carolyn Everson, Microsoft's global ad sales leader, believes that positive changes will come with an investment in advertising creativity ... (view more)

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Electronic Mail: What Is It?

Just about everyone who surfs the Web has an email account any more. Most of the Internet Service Providers on the 'net have a set of mailboxes they provide their customers, but the software they provide for folk to get to their email account ... sometimes does not provide the tools needed to effectively use their email Inboxes. There are several "email Clients" available that we be presenting. Before we get to that, there is some information you need to know to be able to select the best fit for your use. First we need to define what and where a client and server are. An email client is the ... (view more)

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