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Apple to 'Decelerate' In Post-Jobs Era, Analyst Says

It's hard to imagine any tech company that has been more successful in the last decade than Apple Inc. With its iPhone, iPad, and iPod dominating three major markets, the sky seems to be the limit for the Cupertino, California-based giant. But some ... people "think different." According to one prominent analyst, Apple profits will soon plateau and begin a slow but steady decline. Absence of "Magical" Leader Steve Jobs Will Hurt Apple The report comes from Forrester Research chief executive officer (CEO) George Colony. In a recent blog post, he wrote that the loss of Steve ... (view more)

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Apple to Surpass HP, IBM in Sales by 2013, Analyst Says

A new report predicts Apple will surpass both IBM and Hewlett-Packard (HP) in revenue and sales by mid-2013. In fact, the man responsible for the report -- Forrester Research founder, George Colony -- says that Apple is "going to be a $200 billion ... revenue company." Colony made the bold prediction in a recent interview with Bloomberg. He went on to suggest that Apple's mobile sector (which is known for the ludicrously popular iPad and iPhone) could propel the company to 50 per cent growth per year over the next 24 months. Apple Growth Already Underway When it comes to market capitalization, ... (view more)

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Scientists use Virtual Ants to Sniff out Malware

A new approach to computer security could see an army of "ants" summoned to rid the online world of worms, bugs and other pestilent e-vermin. Interestingly enough, these "virtual ants" will work as an important defense against most forms of malware ... , but it is the manner in which they operate that earn them their insect namesake. In actuality, the virtual ants are computer programs designed to roam around a given network in search of anomalies. The idea to use the ant-like hierarchy came from a senior research scientist Glenn Fink, at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, ... (view more)

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