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Adobe Wants $15 A Month To Use Some Colors

Adobe is charging an additional monthly fee to use particular colors in Photoshop. Some users have even seen parts of existing images turn black. The seemingly bizarre policy is all to do with Adobe's commercial agreement with Pantone, a company ... that offers services helping businesses create a consistent color scheme, such as branding. Historically, Adobe included more than 2,000 specific colors that are part of Pantone's "Color Matching Scheme". The idea of the scheme is to use a common reference that means any two uses of the color will look the same, no matter the origin or ... (view more)

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iPhone 5S Due June 2013: Analyst Predicts Features

A prominent tech industry analyst has predicted that an update to the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S, will ship in June 2013. Aside from improved hardware specifications, the analyst believes the new device will also come in a number of different colors. ... Jeffries analyst Peter Misek recently unveiled his predictions for a new version of the iPhone 5. Misek believes the device will come equipped with a "super HD" camera and screen and will feature a longer battery life. iPhone 5S to Receive Long-Awaited NFC Technology Misek also believes an updated iPhone 5 will receive Near-Field Communication (NFC ... (view more)

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Color Printing: Printed Image Doesn't Match Monitor Color?

Infopackets Reader Robert I. writes " Dear Dennis, I operate Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 3 installed on my PC. I own an Epson stylus printer which is capable of printing color. Problem: whenever I print anything, the printed colors do not match ... what is shown on the monitor. Is this a problem with my computer, printer or monitor? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. " My response: Great question. The 'quick and simple' answer is that you likely need to calibrate your printer and monitor. Since all printers and monitors are made by varying manufacturers, I can't give you a ... (view more)

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Brand New Features in PowerPoint 2007

MS PowerPoint has always been super easy to use even if you've never had any formal training, but this version is even easier than ever before! Take a look at the features below: There are twenty slide themes that apply colors, fonts and effects ... that will make your presentation look professional and consistent. More than twenty pre-set color schemes that will determine the colors applied to the slide text and background, hyperlinks, and a half dozen accent colors. It's even possible to create your own custom schemes. Version 2007 boasts two dozen pre-set font themes that apply specific fonts ... (view more)

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Apply a Solid Background Color: MS PowerPoint

To select a solid background color in your presentation, follow these steps: Choose Format | Background to open the Background dialog box. Click the Background fill drop-down list to continue. Select one of the visible colors (colors associated with ... the presentation's color scheme), or click More Colors to pick a color from the standard palette or to create your own custom shade. After you have selected a color, you can click Preview to see what it will look like when applied to your slides. Click OK and Apply to apply to one slide, or click Apply to All to use throughout the presentation. As ... (view more)

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