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Actor Will Smith Hangs Out With Hackers

It's hard to imagine seeing internationally-renowned actor Will Smith at a conference for hackers. But the star of 'Independence Day' and 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' made a splash at the recent Defcon hacking event held this past weekend. The ... Defcon hacker conference was started two decades ago. Originally, it was little more than a party for a network of hackers who got to know one another through BBS, or Bulletin Board Systems. (Source: ) In the years since, Defcon has become a friendly meeting ground for computer security professionals, journalists, lawyers, government workers ... (view more)

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Phishing Campaign Targets U.S. Gov't Employees

United States government employees are being told to avoid placing too much personal information on social media sites or other public pages. Phishers recently used that sort of data to target public workers in the energy sector. A phishing campaign ... involves using fake forms and websites to lure victims into providing sensitive personal information, from names and addresses to credit card data. Conference List Used for Email Attacks According to reports, phishers used a public list of conference attendees to attack public energy sector workers. The conference list provided the phishers with ... (view more)

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Google Alarmed by Secretive UN Conference

Google is urging Internet users to join a campaign designed to discourage governments from wielding additional control over how the world wide web functions. According to a recent report, the search giant fears an upcoming international ... communications conference could change worldwide rules that affect how websites are regulated. The conference is being held by the International Telecommunication Union, a United Nations agency that develops worldwide communications standards. Conference Could Change Internet As We Know It: Google Observers expect officials attending the conference will ... (view more)

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Google Project Tackles Illicit Drug Networks

Google has announced it will sponsor a conference aimed at reducing illegal drug and human trafficking. The conference is part of Google Ideas, a project designed to examine how technology can help solve major world problems. The project's first ... major work came in 2011, when it held the Summit Against Violent Extremism (SAVE) in Dublin, Ireland. SAVE brought together 84 former extremists, ranging from gang members to violent nationalist and religious extremists, along with victims of gangs and terrorism. Virtual Community Created to Prevent Violence The SAVE conference led to the formation of ... (view more)

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Rumor: Windows 8 Tablet to be Unveiled This Week

It may be another year before Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system (OS) officially hits retailers, but that doesn't mean hardware companies aren't already using it for new devices. In fact, it's expected that Samsung will unveil a new ... tablet PC running Windows 8 at the Microsoft BUILD conference this week. BUILD is a developers conference being held by Microsoft for the first time this fall. The conference will be held in Anaheim, California from September 13-16. Attendees May Receive Free Copies of Tablet Now, everyone expected that Windows 8 would be a hot topic at the event, but ... (view more)

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Fake ATM Nabbed by Defcon 'Hackers' in LA

You might not call it the traditional hack, but law enforcement officers in Las Vegas have reportedly removed a suspicious ATM (Automated Teller Machine) after security experts attending the DEFCON 17 conference noticed something strangely peculiar ... about its design. The ATM in question was located at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, not far from the DEFCON 17 conference, an annual gathering of international hackers and security experts. Those attending the conference -- and let's face it, they're the type that would notice this kind of behavior before anyone else -- realized early on that ... (view more)

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Irony Strikes At Tech Conference

Java's long-standing record of avoiding virus problems came to an ironic and messy end at a recent conference dedicated to the computer programming technology. Around 70 people at the JavaOne trade show in San Francisco were victims of a ... particularly nasty virus which caused their back-end systems to spew out unwanted material uncontrollably. However, it was stomachs rather than servers which felt the effects of the 'norovirus', a human rather than computer complaint. Symptoms disappear quickly, but are highly contagious. And given how many handshakes take place at such an event, the results ... (view more)

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'Conference Xp', and 'Codec Installer'

Conference Xp Microsoft ConferenceXP Client enables you to see and hear others in a virtual collaborative space, called a venue. Delivering high-quality, low-latency audio and video over broadband connections, ConferenceXP supports the development ... of real-time collaboration and videoconferencing applications. It also serves as an open research platform by providing a flexible, common framework for designing and implementing collaborative learning applications. With ConferenceXP capabilities, you can collaborate on an electronic whiteboard or on a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, send ... (view more)

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