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Firefox Takes Aim At Cookies

Firefox has added a new feature letting users remove all traces of visiting a website, including cookies. It builds on the browser's existing technology that makes it harder for a single site to track users across the web. Both features aim to ... tackle the problem that tracking and other records of online activity come from a variety of sources. Visiting a particular site creates several pieces of data on a computer, while cookies are made more complicated because the site that places them on a computer isn't always the same as the site that access and uses the cookie. Total Cookie Protection ... (view more)

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Google's New Cookie Tracking Policy Raises Eyebrows

Google is set to make it easier for users to block tracking cookies. Perhaps unsurprisingly the reported changes would also be very helpful for Google. Cookies are small files that a website saves onto a computer's hard drive via the web browser. ... When the user next returns to the site, it will check for cookies and use the information to customize the site's content or appearance. For example, if a user were to enter in their name and password on a forum website and then selected the "remember me" option, this preference would be saved using a cookie. The next time the user visits ... (view more)

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MS Accused of Bait and Switch, Negative Cashback Rewards

For the past few months, Samir Meghani has been the proverbial "thorn in the side" of Microsoft. First, the co-founder of price comparison search engine posted ways in which users could exploit the Bing cashback rewards program . Now, ... Meghani is claiming that this same promotion is responsible for making some products appear more expensive on the web than their actual retail price. Bing 'Negative Cashback' Rewards Acccording to Meghani, Bing has a hidden feature that he refers to as 'negative cashback'. It is his belief that the program, and more specifically, vendors associated ... (view more)

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'Bothunter', and 'Cookie Clear'

Bothunter BotHunter is a passive network monitoring tool designed to recognize the communication patterns of malware-infected computers within your network perimeter. Using an advanced infection-dialog-based event correlation engine (patent ... pending), BotHunter represents the most in-depth network-based malware infection diagnosis system available today. Cookie Clear Many excellent spyware removers scan through thousands of files, but then only suggest you remove a few cookies. This program removes all cookies, except those you may require in order to log into a forum ... (view more)

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Small eye, White box, and a Red X?, Part 2

Recall -- Last week, Anne from Canada told me of a very strange problem with her computer: " ... Sometimes there is an image under the email page, or Internet page, and it has a small eye with a white box and a red X in it. It annoys me, and I try ... to get rid of it ... It's not always there for long, and then disappears. Any ideas? " My Response: I haven't experienced this problem before, so I asked Gazette Readers for help. Many Readers wrote in to tell me that they also have the same predicament, while others provided some very insightful information. Wendall J. put it very simply: " The ... (view more)

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