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'Encryption Pack For Ms Office', and 'Expired Cookies Cleaner'

Encryption Pack for Ms Office MS Office offers a simple way to protect a document by using a password entry. This provides a basic security for MS Word, Excel documents (.DOC, .XLS, .PPT) from unauthorized access. But security specialists do not ... recommend to use build-in MS Office security features. For example: take a quick browse through Google and you'll be able to turn up as many MS Office password crackers as you like. Encryption Pack for MS Office, on the other hand, is a great way to protect your documents using strong encryption. Expired Cookies ... (view more)

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Small eye, White box, and a Red X?, Part 2

Recall -- Last week, Anne from Canada told me of a very strange problem with her computer: " ... Sometimes there is an image under the email page, or Internet page, and it has a small eye with a white box and a red X in it. It annoys me, and I try ... to get rid of it ... It's not always there for long, and then disappears. Any ideas? " My Response: I haven't experienced this problem before, so I asked Gazette Readers for help. Many Readers wrote in to tell me that they also have the same predicament, while others provided some very insightful information. Wendall J. put it very simply: " The ... (view more)

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GhostSurf Pro Review

Several "clean up" programs on the market today are designed to eliminate Spyware* and other tracking devices after a computer has already become infected. GhostSurf Pro, on the other hand, prevents Spyware from infecting a PC (before it can ever ... take place) and provides a wide array of security features which allows users to surf the world wide web with varying degrees of anonymity. Side Note: Spyware is software which records information about you or your computer usage (without your knowledge) and then relays this information to a third party -- quite often, for marketing ... (view more)


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