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Police to Use Hybrids as Pursuit Vehicles

New York and Los Angeles cops may be among the first to use a hybrid electric car that is specifically designed for police pursuits. The Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan (pic) aims to meet the twin needs of police vehicles: an occasional ... high-speed pursuit mixed in with a whole load of waiting around. A hybrid car uses both an ordinary gas engine and an electric motor. The balance of the two varies between models but one common set-up is to use the electricity when the car is starting up or driving at low speeds, where the electricity is the more efficient option. Another common feature is ... (view more)

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Is it OK to Video Record On Duty Police Officers?

A case in New Hampshire has raised an important question in an age when just about everyone has a smartphone equipped with a digital video camera: should people be allowed to video or audio record the actions of on duty police officers? The case in ... question involves New Hampshire woman Carla Gericke, who was arrested and charged with wiretapping in 2010. Gericke was caught recording her friend being questioned by the Weare Police Department during a late-night traffic stop. Woman Never Ordered to Stop Recording Traffic Stop Gericke was actually in a car behind her friend and announced to ... (view more)

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Cops Use Xbox Live to Nab Christmas Crook

Here's a piece of advice for thieves this holiday season: if you steal a game console, don't go online to play games with your crooked friends. Doing just that helped cops find a stolen Xbox 360 over the weekend. Twenty-two-year-old Jeremiah Gilliam ... is facing huge larceny charges this morning after cops found a veritable pile of stolen electronics in his Bronx home. According to police, Gilliam had an incredible collection of global positioning systems (GPS), video game consoles, laptop computers, cellphones and other electronic devices in his home. Usually these kinds of repeated petty ... (view more)

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Florida Cops Caught Playing Wii During Drug Bust

It seems no one can get enough of Nintendo's popular Wii video game console, these days. Amidst rumors that the system's price could drop $50 down to $200 within the next month, emergent images from Florida now show police officers caught playing ... Wii on the job -- in the middle of a drug raid, no less! According to reports, the Polk County, Florida cops recently busted up the home of Michael Difalco, an accused drug dealer. While ransacking Difalco's place for illegal substances, the police stumbled upon a Nintendo Wii console equipped with motion-sensitive gameplay. (Source: ) Cops ... (view more)

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