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Amazon Couriers Could Open Your Front Door for Delivery

Amazon wants customers to let couriers have an electronic key to get inside customer homes for deliveries. The Amazon Key program also appears to be a way to promote customers buying security cameras and smart locks. The Amazon Key feature is only ... available to customers in the Amazon Prime subscription program, which includes free home delivery and access to streaming video. They'll also need a compatible camera and smart lock, with Amazon bundling the two devices together for $250 including installation. The smart lock technology can be added to an existing standard deadbolt, meaning a ... (view more)

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Microsoft Cancels its iPad Rival, Courier

Microsoft's proposed rival to the very popular Apple iPad appears stillborn. According to reports, the Redmond-based firm's much-hyped dual screen Courier tablet computer has been cancelled. The report is courtesy of tech blogging site Gizmodo, ... which says that Courier failed to make it out of Microsoft's research phase. It was Gizmodo that first revealed the Courier several months ago, showcasing pictures of a device boasting two screens that folded into one another like one of those old-fashioned books we hear about from time to time. The Courier prototype was reported to include a touch ... (view more)

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Microsoft Twin-Screen iPad Confirmed by Blog Blunder

Microsoft appears to have accidentally confirmed that it will release a tablet computer called 'Courier'. The device would be marketed as a rival to Apple's upcoming iPad. Rumors of the Microsoft Courier device go back to last September, when leaked ... documents showed a design for a twin-screen device with no physical keyboard. The concept was of a multi-function design that could: Be held in portrait mode like a book with facing pages Landscape mode with the top screen display and bottom screen touch keyboard Or hinged back on itself and used as a tablet or "slate" PC. At the time, though, it ... (view more)

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