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Infopackets mail server crash

For reasons still unknown, the infopackets dedicated mail server suffered a catastrophic crash during a routine newsletter delivery (1.5 weeks ago) and was unable to boot back into the operating system. Unfortunately, the server's operating system ... reached 'end of life' about 2 months after it was put into service, and so it is quite plausible that the server was compromised due to an operating system exploit . The company which hosts the mail server for infopackets.com informed me that I would need to re-image (reformat) the mail server in order to bring it back to life. Since the original ... (view more)

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Identify wild process in Task Manager?

What meaning would my life have if my own mother didn't read this newsletter? Infopackets Reader 'Mom' (a.k.a. 'Nurse Lynda') writes: " Dear Dennis, Thanks for installing Windows XP for me on the weekend. Today, I noticed that my CPU is ... overly-active and operating continually with 100% usage. I have opened up Task Manager and have attempted to identify the cause, but there were a number of processes that I have not seen before and the [process] table changes too rapidly to tell otherwise. Question: how can I correctly identify and eliminate the process which is causing this abnormal CPU ... (view more)

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SpeedUpMyPC Review

A while back, I was asked to review and critique a new program from Li Utilities: the same company who created WinTasks Professional and WinBackup. For the purpose of this article, I will explain basic tweaking terminology and how it applies to ... SpeedUpMyPC: all in Simple English. If you really want to learn about computer hardware and how tweaking can make a world difference -- you will definitely find this article an interesting read! OK, so what is SpeedUpMyPC? SpeedUpMyPC is a utility which runs quietly in the system Tray Bar. It monitors system resources, optimizes Internet connections, ... (view more)


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