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Experiment Tracks Spread of 'Stolen Data' Online

A security research firm says more than a thousand people accessed a dummy database of personal details that it released as an experiment, though that number is much likely higher. It says the would-be criminals acted far faster than most security ... breaches take to fix. The experiment was the work of BitGlass, a company that offers security services for cloud computing firms. The firm wanted to test how quickly a 'leaked' set of personal data would spread around the world; to do so, BitGlass made an Excel file that contained 1,568 sets of names, phone numbers, addresses, credit card ... (view more)

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'Liberty Reserve' Currency Exchange Closed Down

U.S. authorities say a website that allowed users to convert money into virtual currency was a front for money laundering operations. The Liberty Reserve site was shut down amid claims it helped criminals 'clean' more than $6 billion dollars. The ... site, which is based in Costa Rica, billed itself as an easy way to transfer money to people, regardless of their location. Unlike PayPal, Liberty Reserve didn't process direct payments between people. Instead, users could convert their cash into either 'Liberty Reserve Dollars' or 'Liberty Reserve Euros,' which were tied to the value of the real- ... (view more)

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Internet Security Is Losing The Online War

Despite the efforts of the computer security industry, malicious software is reportedly spreading faster than ever and security researchers have acknowledged that they cannot seem to get ahead of the onslaught. Internet security is broken and it ... appears that nobody knows quite how to fix it. This so-called malware surreptitiously takes over a PC then uses it to spread more malware to other machines exponentially. (Source: ) A conservative estimate by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe says that as more businesses and people move onto the Web, criminals ... (view more)

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