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CryptoPrevent Review: Does it Prevent CryptoLocker?

Infopackets Reader Tina M. writes: " Dear Dennis, Regarding CryptoLocker , can you tell me if the software program CryptoPrevent can actually remove CryptoLocker and other ransomware infections? In other words, does CryptoPrevent actually work? Or ... is there a better way to prevent and remove CryptoLocker if I get infected? " My response: Similar to antivirus, CryptoPrevent is software that helps to prevent CryptoLocker and similar ransomware infections. It does not remove the infection if you become infected. If you do become infected, the only 100% fail safe way to undo the damage ... (view more)

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'Directory Monitor', and 'CryptoPrevent 2.2'

Directory Monitor Keep tabs on your system's directories using Directory Monitor. This program will notify you immediately if a file changes anything on your system, making it a handy security tool. Features include balloon notifications ... and change logs. CryptoPrevent 2.2 Prevent ransomware from wrecking your system with CryptoPrevent. This tiny utility is capable of locking down your Windows operating system (OS) to prevent infection. This program supports Windows XP -- so it might be a useful tool for those concerned about Microsoft's April 2014 ... (view more)

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