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Healthcare Firm Praises Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft recently stirred up a hornet's nest by introducing and then retracting rules that prevented a buyer of Office 2013 from transferring the software to a new computer. Many experts have suggested that the policy change was designed to push ... people towards Office 365, the cloud-based version of the popular software suite. Unlike Office 2013, Office 365 can be accessed from up to five different computers. (Source: ) Now, one company's chief information office (CIO) says that making the switch to Office 365 saved his firm time and money. Saving Time and Money in the Cloud ... (view more)

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AOL: Once You Join, You Can't Leave! has posted what appears to be an AOL customer service manual that details how company representatives are expected to handle users who wish to cancel their service. AOL phone reps are allegedly required to wear customers down into ... keeping their accounts by employing various questionable tactics -- including assaulting the user with a barrage of annoying sales pitches and asking invasive personal questions to get more information on file. One of the instructions listed in the AOL employee document: "KEEP DIGGING!!" AOL has declined to verify the legitimacy of the manual posted ... (view more)

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