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Win7 Earns Microsoft Highest Customer Satisfaction Record

The curse of Windows Vista may have finally come to an end. Recently, Microsoft not only regained their lost customer satisfaction rating, but also managed to attain their highest rating to date, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index ... (ACSI) survey. All signs are pointing to Windows 7 as being the reason for the happy Microsoft customers. Vista Customer Satisfaction Rate Low Microsoft had much to lose with the release of Windows 7, especially since Vista was considered by many to be a marketing flop. The reaction to Vista became so negative that many credit it as the reason ... (view more)

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New Twitter Tool Makes Complaining a New Experience

If you are thinking of complaining on Twitter about a company's service, your grumble might be more effective than you think. A customer relations management firm is now offering a service that lets companies monitor and deal with comments about ... them on the site. Salesforce calls its product the 'Service Cloud' and already covers posts on Facebook. The Twitter functionality will be added free of charge to existing customer accounts. Complaints In Context While Salesforce uses some serious jargon in its publicity, their product is remarkably simple. It takes advantage of the fact that a ... (view more)

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Design Professional Looking Forms in Access 2007 Using the Ribbon

The predefined layout features in Access 2007 can eliminate a lot of the manual work and trepidation involved in designing forms. You can now group, align and format your controls, all from the Forms Design Tools Ribbon with a few clicks of the ... mouse. The example below shows you how to design a customer contact form from your Customer Records table. Follow along with the steps below: Launch MS Access. Open the Customer database and click the Customer Records table in the Navigation pane. Click the Create tab. Click the Form Design command in the Forms group. Click the Add Existing Fields ... (view more)

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Customer Satisfaction Ratings Tough on Tech

Love your iPod, iPhone, or iMac? If you're an owner of any of these popular devices, there's a good chance you've been impressed with Apple's products in the past. For the last few years, it has experienced almost unrivaled satisfaction from ... consumers. Unfortunately, that seems to have changed. According to the University of Michigan's annual rankings (cited through the American Customer Satisfaction Index, or ACSI), Apple dropped some five percentage points in its overall customer satisfaction ranking. That's a plummet from an impressive 84 to a still-stellar 79. Also dropping in the ... (view more)


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