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Comcast Customer Service Under Fire Again

Comcast has been embarrassed yet again by a recording of a call to its customer service team. This time, a representative was caught trying to charge a Comcast customer for repairs , despite the company already promising the work would be done free ... of charge. Last month, Comcast came under fire when another customer repeatedly tried to cancel his Comcast service over the telephone. During the recording, which reportedly lasted eighteen minutes, the customer service representative repeatedly badgered the customer and demanded to know why he wanted to cancel his service. The audio recording was ... (view more)

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Woman 'Not Interested' in $10,000 iTunes Prize

A woman has been awarded a $10,000 prize by Apple for downloading the 10 billionth iTunes application. Interestingly, when Gail Davis was called by Apple with the good news, she assumed it was the work of telemarketers and immediately hung up the ... phone. "I thought it was a prank call," said Davis, who lives in Orpington, England. Frustrated with what she thought was a joke, Davis snapped "Thank you very much, [but] I'm not interested." (Source: msn.com ) Daughters Responsible for App Download Davis had good reason to be suspicious. After all, she doesn't even own an iPod capable of ... (view more)

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Security Boss Tempts Fate, Pays Price

A criminal has successfully answered a security firm chief's challenge to steal his identity -- and it could be a particularly costly defeat. Todd Davis of Californian company LifeLock was so confident of his fraud prevention service that he ... published billboards and filmed TV adverts displaying his own social security number. (It's 457-55-5462 in case you were wondering.) At least 87 people have attempted to steal his identity; at one stage people were trying to use his social security number under the names 'Joe Blow' and 'Jabba The Hutt', while another would-be criminal listed his address ... (view more)

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