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Apple, HDTV Black Friday Deals Revealed Early

Excitement is already ramping up for Black Friday, the year's most intense shopping event. Already we're seeing some leaked advertisements for various consumer items, with discounts on Apple products -- like the iPad , iPod , iMac, MacBook Air and ... MacBook Pro -- generating the most attention. Black Friday kicks off later this week and for most Americans marks the official beginning of the 2011 holiday season. For years now retailers and manufacturers alike have sought to generate a retail frenzy by drastically lowering prices on Black Friday. Apple Lowers Price on Most Products So, what deals ... (view more)

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Online Holiday Shopping? Read Dennis' Top 10 Recommendations

With over 30 years in computing experience, I'm often asked my opinion about computer hardware. Questions like, "What can I do to speed up my computer?", or "What type of laptop should I buy?" and things of that nature. Like anyone else, I love a ... good deal. In order to find the best deal possible, sometimes I spend an entire day shopping online to compare prices and features of similar components. Unfortunately, many of the "recommendations" I've read recently appear to be forged for the sake of making a sale, which means there's an awful lot of time wasted wading through ... (view more)

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Senators Call For Probe Into iPhone-AT&T Deal

Four senators have written to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) calling for an investigation into exclusive deals between cellphone manufacturers and network carriers. Though the letter doesn't name any particular companies, it appears ... that Apple's deal with AT ... (view more)

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