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'Deep Dyve', and 'Alpha Blender'

Deep Dyve Search the hidden and obscure parts of the Internet with this popular program. Most search engines skim the web's surface and do not index the vast collections of high quality, hard-to-find information hidden therein. Formerly known as ... Infovell, this is DeepDyve, the research engine for the Deep Web. Alpha Blender This tiny utility allows you to adjust the transparency of the currently active window and other windows open on your desktop. Make your work with multiple files more convenient. Today's fresh software picks were provided ... (view more)

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Registry Mechanic 4 Review

Great news! PCTools, the authors of the incredibly popular flagship utility 'Registry Mechanic', have just recently released version 4.0. If you've been keeping up with our newsletter, you've undoubtedly heard me mention this extremely beneficial ... utility a number of times in the past. Reminder: What is Registry Mechanic? Registry Mechanic is by far the most widely regarded Windows Registry Cleaner on the Internet -- not only because it's received countless rave reviews from credible online sources, but also because it is one of the few Registry cleaners on the market that actually delivers ... (view more)

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