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Dell Offers Customers New Online Support Service

Making a call for PC technical support is often not a enjoyable experience. In fact, many customers have voiced complaints about how their PC provider handles technical support, with Dell being at the top of the list. (Source: ) Dell ... has realized that many of its customers are unsatisfied by its current technical support and is hoping to silence the criticisms with a new service that allows technicians to remotely troubleshoot a malfunctioning PC over a high-speed Internet connection. Dell announced that all U.S. customers currently under warranty will receive this service for ... (view more)

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Google and Dell Conspire for Partnership

Dell has recently been in negotiations with Google to form a partnership which would combine technologies from both companies in a mutually beneficial way. The deal will bundle Google software onto brand new Dell PCs, widening Google's ... ever-increasing dominance in the search engine market. The Google/Dell bundle has been reported to include "desktop software, which integrates a number of personal computing applications, a Google tool bar and a co-branded Internet home page." Four months ago, it was reported that Google was considering to pay Dell up to one billion dollars over a ... (view more)

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Monitor reports 'out of sync' error during boot?

Infopackets Reader Felix P. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have a brand new Dell 8400 computer. Whenever I boot the computer, I receive an error message which reads, "Digital Input: cannot display this video mode". I've made numerous calls to Dell, have ... checked my settings, video card drivers, etc, but to no avail. Dell even sent me a new flat panel monitor and a tech came to my house and replaced the video card, but the problem persists. The computer and monitor appear to operate properly. Any suggestions? " My response: The problem you are describing is normal behavior for ... (view more)


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