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'Lebendig', and 'Dexpose 2'

Lebendig This very cool window animations application brings some life to the boring old Windows experience. The options for tweaking Windows XP and Vista are almost endless, and the requirements (500 KB hard disk space and 128 MB RAM) are very ... minimal. Dexpose 2 The very handy and interactive Dexpose 2 is a Mac OS-X-style task switcher for Windows operating systems (XP and Vista, specifically). All users need is 600 KB of HDD space and a paltry 32 MB of RAM. Expose cloning just got better! Today's fresh software picks were ... (view more)

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'Blend', and 'Dexpose2'

Blend Blend renders transparency to any window. This program conveniently saves your settings and has start on system booting options. Dexpose2 Dexpose2 is a Mac OS-X style task switcher for Windows with ... interactive previews, hot corners, and multi-monitor support. Hiding all open windows, FOCUSing on apps separately in exposed mode. Taskbars, sidebars, docks are shown during exposing. Thanks to Lifehacker! (view more)

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