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Broadband Refusers Blame High Prices, Disinterest

A surprising study suggests broadband usage may be about as widespread as it's going to get in the United States. It seems comparatively few dial-up users are stuck that way through a lack of availability. Instead, many of them either think ... broadband is too expensive, or flat-out don't want it. The study has been carried out every year for the past decade or so by the Pew Charitable Trusts, an independent think-tank. While broadband use is growing year-on-year, the figures are virtually unchanged since last December, suggesting the market has hit saturation point. (Source arstechnica.com ) ... (view more)

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You Can't Ignore Technology Laggards

Are you a 'laggard'? Do you typically wait years before being forced to upgrade to the newest hardware, software, or heck, soda pop? Everett M. Rogers, a communications scholar and pioneer, developed the theory of 'innovation diffusion'. Simply put, ... it described how new innovations become assimilated by the general populace. His theory was that adoption of new innovations followed a bell curve where 2.5% of the population were so-called "Innovators", 13.5% were labeled as "early adopters", and categories were followed by the "early majority, the late majority, and the 'laggards'. Ever since ... (view more)

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