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Being Politically Correct in MS Word

Sometimes you want to be careful to use gender-neutral words in your documents. Word's grammar checker offers an option that will underline words that violate this gender neutrality with a green squiggly line, similar to what it does for sentence ... fragments, run-on sentences, and other grammar misfits. To ask Word to check for gender-specific terms such as 'policeman', follow the steps below: In Word 2002/2003: Choose Tools | Options from the main menu. Go to Spelling ... (view more)

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Working with Margins: MS Word

Creating a document is as easy as starting Word and typing text. If you choose, you can work with Word's default settings. However, many documents require different layouts. It's important to know how to change the settings so that you can change ... the way the text looks on the page. If you haven't changed the settings in your Normal template, you'll find the defaults (in the U.S. version of Word) to include top and bottom margins set to 1 inch, left and right margins at 1.25 inches, header and footer margins at .5 inches, gutter position left, paper size is 8.5X11 inches, portrait page ... (view more)

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