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New Samsung Smart TV to be Controlled by Brainwaves

Samsung is working on TV sets that viewers can control with their brains. It's aimed more at people with disabilities than it is the average lazy viewer. "Project Pontis" research is being conducted with the help of the Center of Neuroprosthetics at ... Switzerland's Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. The initial aim is for users to be able to change channels and control volume without using a remote control. Some sets and remotes do already allow voice commands, so this is both an alternative for disabled users in general, and a solution for people whose disabilities prevent ... (view more)

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Show all programs in Start Menu?, Part 2

In a previous newsletter, Infopackets Reader Robert G. asked: " I have Windows XP and use the Classic Start Menu. Is there a way to show all programs, without having to click that double arrow at the bottom of the Start Menu?" My Response: In short, ... I wasn't sure how to do this. I mentioned in the previous newsletter that I tried a few options but nothing seemed to work. Shortly after the last newsletter was mailed out, a few Gazette Readers informed me of a combination of clicks which would rid the Start Menu of the double-arrows. As it turns out, disabling the "Use Personalized Menus" ... (view more)

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