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Facebook makes it Easier to Help in Crisis, Disaster

Facebook is to make it easier for people to offer practical help after a crisis or natural disaster. It's an update to an existing tool for people to check up on loved ones. When triggered, the "Safety Check" feature will check which Facebook users ... are in the relevant physical area, based on their IP address or the location information on their mobile device. They'll then be asked to choose options of "I'm safe" or "I'm not in the area." Their Facebook friends will then see them listed as safe. The idea is that publicizing somebody as being " ... (view more)

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Acronis True Image 2012 Review

Update 2012/10/06: Announcing Acronis True Image Home 2013. It's finally here!!! Currently we are working on Acronis True Image 2013 review, so please read the below previous version's review. It explains how Acronis True Image disk imaging works ... and why it's completely different than standard backup software (and why it's critically important to understand this concept). Have you ever wanted to upgrade to a newer, larger hard drive and have all your data moved over, but didn't know how? Has your computer ever been infected with spyware / malware and it made Windows inoperable or full of ... (view more)

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Conficker Alive and Well Post April 1st Deadline

So, a couple days have come and gone and we're without any real evidence that the Conficker worm was a legitimate threat. Was it all just a bunch of hooey? Maybe, but if there's one thing we should take away from the debacle, it's that the problem ... isn't yet solved, even if there was no disaster. Most security experts were just happy to breathe a sigh of relief when April 1st came and went without planes falling out of the sky. "I'm not sure what to think," remarked BT chief security officer Bruce Schneier. "In a sense, the whole Conficker thing just puts a name on a general problem." (Source ... (view more)

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