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Diskeeper Lite Review

Diskeeper Lite is a free disk defrag program. In a nutshell: defragging optimizes your hard drive and makes Windows run faster. Diskeeper versus Windows Defrag I used to have problems getting Windows defrag to work properly and when it did, it took ... hours to defrag my drives. I've been using Diskeeper Lite on my older PCs for at least two years now. Diskeeper Lite is much faster than Windows defrag and even runs while you are surfing or checking email. Diskeeper Lite: not compatible with XP? Diskeeper.com states that Diskeeper Lite will run on every Windows version except Win95; however, I ... (view more)

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Scandisk and Defrag Interrupted?

Infopackets Reader Ed M. writes: " Dear Dennis, I can't seem to run Disk Defrag, ScanDisk, or Norton Disk Doctor on my system because other programs are actively running in the background and keep interrupting the process. How can I find out what is ... running in the background and stop it? I have asked this question numerous times to Microsoft and they don't seem to know the answer. I have tried 'CTRL + ALT + DEL' on my keyboard to bring up the Windows Task Manager, I get a list of programs -- but I do not know which ones are safe to delete? Can you help? " My response: Many users ... (view more)

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