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Wiping A Hard Drive Before Dinner

Last Saturday, one of my friends called me up at 8:00 AM and asked,. "I have 12 PC's that have been donated to me for use in my non-profit. They have all sorts of software that I need to get rid of before installing an OS on them. Can you help me?" ... After pondering his request, I said, "Sure! I have just the tool for that job!" Before I could say "Bob's your uncle!" I had 12 PCs, with keyboards, mice, monitors, and speaker sets on my living room floor! What a mess! As my "friend" drove away, laughing gleefully, I resolved to charge him a very high fee the next time he asked for help. Since it ... (view more)

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Forgot User Password (WinXP)?

Infopackets Reader Ali H. writes: " Dear Infopackets Team, I've somehow managed to lock myself out of my Windows XP machine as my passwords no longer work (for both my user account and the administrator user). Is there any way I can login to Windows ... without having to reinstall or format my laptop? All my important documents are in my laptop. Please help! " Doug's Response: Actually, this isn't hard to get cleared up. First, you should try booting into Safe Mode. Doing so will let you into the system without having to enter a password. To do so: Turn on the machine. Press F8 repeatedly on the ... (view more)

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