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Edit Cell Content: MS Excel

After you enter text, numbers or a formula into a cell, you may need to change it. You can always retype the entry, if it's short. If it's long, you can easily edit it instead. One way to do this is to click in the formula bar and make changes. When ... the mouse pointer is over the formula bar, it appears as an I-beam, which looks like a capital I. This makes it easy for you to click between letters to place the insertion point where you want to begin making corrections. Sometimes it's easier to make a minor change to the contents of a cell rather than start over from scratch. You can edit the ... (view more)

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Apply Currency and Comma Formats: MS Excel

You can create a budget in MS Excel and track your expenses. To make your budget more readable, you must format it, or change its appearance. To do this, you can click buttons on the Formatting toolbar. If you've used Word or PowerPoint, several of ... these buttons are already familiar to you. You can: Widen columns so that all the text appears. Add dollar signs to help the reader know you are talking about money, and add commas to make it easy to read numbers over 1,000. Make some headings stand out by making them bold or italic, and separate numbers from the total by underlining. The ... (view more)

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