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Hackers Post Online Ads in Search of New Recruits

Hackers are now hiring new recruits on a contract basis to carry out attacks. According to Kevin Stevens, a threat intelligence analyst for SecureWorks, the "hiring hackers" have no shame in listing exactly what their positions entail. Cash Offered ... for Infected Downloads The desired candidates must be willing to take malicious code and link it to something scandalous that people will likely click on. The incentive is there, however, as new malware peddlers will be compensated for every 1,000 times the compromised software is downloaded onto a computer. One recruiting website boasted a payment ... (view more)

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Phantom Windows Updates Install Without Consent

If you have a friend or relative that is always surprising you with things that they assume you will like (and for the most part, you don't) -- then you can probably relate to consumers disgruntled over 'forced' Windows updates that install without ... consent of the PC owner. Phantom Updates: Started June 9, 2009 According to the Windows Secrets newsletter, a number of people have noticed that their PCs have newly-installed updates and security patches once their machines are turned on or rebooted. These "phantom updates" have appeared as early as June 9th, 2009. (Source: ) ... (view more)

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Drive-by Download

The expression 'drive-by download' is used in four increasingly common meanings: 1. Downloads which the user indirectly authorized but without understanding the consequences. For example: by installing an unknown ActiveX component or Java applet. ... Note that Microsoft Internet Explorer uses the ActiveX scripting language, whereas Mozilla Firefox does not; thus, many argue that Firefox is considerably more secure than Internet Explorer because it is not susceptible to ActiveX-based attacks. (Source: ) 2. Any download that happens without knowledge of the user. 3. A download of spyware, ... (view more)

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'Set Firefox To Allow 10 Simultaneous Downloads', and 'Remote Desktop Connector'

Set Firefox To Allow 10 Simultaneous Downloads Just like Internet Explorer, Firefox has a default to only allow you to download only 2 items at the same time. Changing this, is not as simple as going into your Preferences and changing a setting. ... Remote Desktop Connector Connect remote machines with IP address using a Google desktop gadget (requires Google Desktop). (view more)

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One of my old Internet friends, Steven Burn , wrote me about finding malware in a program called Kiwi Alpha, which is a peer to peer file sharing client. He found it at He also knows I've had bad experiences at in the ... past. Steven sent me a link to a thread at SpywareWarrior's forums where he had posted his analysis of Kiwi Alpha. It looked bad, but naturally I had to try it for myself. Preparation I created a clean Windows 98 virtual machine using Microsoft's free Virtual PC program. Then I googled for the page at I found Kiwi Alpha and installed it ... (view more)

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MetaProducts Offline Explorer Review

Synopsis: What's the best way to archive your favorite web pages and web media permanently? Answer: MetaProducts Offline Explorer! Using a clear, intuitive and convenient user interface, Offline Explorer downloads Web and FTP sites (up to 500 ... simultaneously!) at the highest possible speed so you can browse, search, export to CD or perform other operations on downloaded sites. Among its many awards, Offline Explorer is a 5-star winner! Offline Explorer: Screenshots Click to view: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4. 10 Reasons why you should be using Offline Explorer (1) A Powerful, ... (view more)


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