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Website Highlights Unpublished Drug Trials

An independent website is listing companies that have failed to publish clinical trials results, despite being legally required to do so. The site could help reduce the problem of drug companies keeping quiet about results that don't help their ... business. Critics of the pharmaceutical industry say that although published trial results may be genuine, they can still be misleading. That's because a company might publish the results of a trial that suggests their drug is effective while not publishing trials that are less clear-cut. That's led to calls for all clinical trial results to be made ... (view more)

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Google Project Tackles Illicit Drug Networks

Google has announced it will sponsor a conference aimed at reducing illegal drug and human trafficking. The conference is part of Google Ideas, a project designed to examine how technology can help solve major world problems. The project's first ... major work came in 2011, when it held the Summit Against Violent Extremism (SAVE) in Dublin, Ireland. SAVE brought together 84 former extremists, ranging from gang members to violent nationalist and religious extremists, along with victims of gangs and terrorism. Virtual Community Created to Prevent Violence The SAVE conference led to the formation of ... (view more)

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Florida Cops Caught Playing Wii During Drug Bust

It seems no one can get enough of Nintendo's popular Wii video game console, these days. Amidst rumors that the system's price could drop $50 down to $200 within the next month, emergent images from Florida now show police officers caught playing ... Wii on the job -- in the middle of a drug raid, no less! According to reports, the Polk County, Florida cops recently busted up the home of Michael Difalco, an accused drug dealer. While ransacking Difalco's place for illegal substances, the police stumbled upon a Nintendo Wii console equipped with motion-sensitive gameplay. (Source: zdnet.com ) Cops ... (view more)

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