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Happy Holidays! Quick, Cheap E-cards Here to Stay

The holiday dust is settling and industry observers are beginning to tally the season's winners and losers. One of the winners, it seems, are 'e-cards', the emailed greeting cards that your friends send you with those corny graphics, animations and ... music. In previous years, e-cards might have been fun, sure, but you wouldn't really use them for important occasions. This year, however, it would seem that e-cards are becoming "OK" for traditional events like Christmas. According to American Greetings, one of the biggest e-card producers, e-card utilization has increased by 10% this year. ( ... (view more)

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E-Cards Eat Away At Computer Defenses

Doesn't it make you feel good when a friend (or perhaps love interest) sends you a cheery, heart-felt e-card? In a world where Hallmark demands $5 or more for syrupy sympathy quotes, it's nice that there's a safe, electronic alternative. But, how ... safe are e-cards? According to one recent report, not very. Fake greetings are now making their way to unsuspecting victims via email, and it's unloading a plethora of new and nasty viruses on the computer of Joe Public. (Source: sj-r.com ) Although e-card viruses and Trojan threats are nothing new, this new form of greeting appears especially ... (view more)

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