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eBay Customers' Financial Details Leaked

It took my parents years to relinquish their cynical ways and begin using the web to purchase items, even join auctions for everything from DVDs to glassware. If they get word of the recent hack and exploitation of personal details on eBay, it might ... just scare them back into the department store forever. According to reports, the names and private data of some 1,200 eBay users were leaked onto the company's public Trust ... (view more)

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Proof Web Fraud Doesn't Pay

Great news for eBay users who've ever been ripped off (and heaven knows there's a lot of you): At least one sketchy character is paying for failing to deliver on auction promises. For some, eBay is a land of frustration. Let's face it, nothing's ... guaranteed; although some products, such as wholesale movies and video games can be lucrative money-savers, there's always the chance that used or new copy of Halo 2 will never reach your door. It can be much more frustrating for those gambling on computer hardware parts and accessories, although it seems the American justice system is finally taking ... (view more)

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MySpace and eBay Engaged?

Is love brewing between MySpace and eBay? The answer: most likely. MySpace, an online social network, may partner with eBay to enhance its site. How? In the future, auctioneers eBay will provide MySpace with e-commerce features. MySpace founders ... want to offer clients the opportunities and tools to sell their products while socializing, and eBay is a prime candidate for supplying the desired mechanics. However, nothing's set in stone. MySpace has voiced its feelings concerning the partnership, saying "we haven't decided yet, but it would be probably a good bet that someone like eBay could be a ... (view more)

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eBay and Google Checkout Already Locking Horns

Citing security threats to the consumer, eBay has banned its buyers and sellers from using the recently launched Google "Checkout". Largely considered to be a future threat to eBay's PayPal service, Google Checkout is considered by Paypal as an ... "official payment service not permitted." Like bounced checks bitterly taped to the counter in an old convenience store, this move my PayPal is seen by many as a cheap way for eBay to prevent the growth of a major competitor. (Source: zdnet.com ) Reminder: What is Google Checkout? Google Checkout was recently released as a rather simple " ... (view more)

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Fraud Alert: reward-survey.com (eBay)

Fraud Alert! I just wanted to alert everyone of the latest email fraud / phishing scam that claims to pay eBay / Paypal customers $20 dollars for answering a supposed eBay-related survey. On the reward-survey.com, the page states that you must ... "enter your credit card information linked with your eBay and/or Paypal account ... [and then they] will deposit the $20 cash back directly to your account within three business days of your next purchase." Of course, nothing of the sort will happen -- and quite the opposite, I might add! At the time of composing this article, the reward- ... (view more)


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