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Wikipedia Unreliable Edits Leads to Color-Coded Text

Wikipedia.com is planning to introduce a feature which will color-code parts of its articles in order to show how reliable the information is likely to be. It's a solution to an ongoing problem that has led to a planned freeze on edits to entries ... about living individuals. The WikiTrust feature analyzes the text on a page and ranks each piece of text based on how recently it was edited. This is based on the idea that the longer a piece remains unchanged, the more likely it is that it is trustworthy -- otherwise (it is reasoned), Wikipedia's users would have overturned the edit. The feature ... (view more)

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'Registry Edits For Windows XP', and 'Virtual Screen Maximizer'

Registry Edits For Windows XP Interested in a Santa sack full of lots and lots of tips and tweaks for your Windows XP operating system this holiday season? Well, this program from Kelly's Korner is formatted for easy use and offers a boodlebag full ... of goodies. http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com Virtual Screen Maximizer Take any foreground window to maximum available virtual screen size with Virtual Screen Maximizer. This great program will even maximize across multiple monitors, making it particularly useful for web designers, researchers, and hardcore gamers! http://www.codeplex.com Today's ... (view more)

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Who's Behind the Wikipedia Scandal?

Wikipedia, known as the "free encyclopedia that anyone can edit," allows users to correct false information and further develop informative articles. But, there is a flip side to anonymous edits, and one program is now showing just who's behind some ... of these critical changes. Virgil Griffiths created WikiScanner, a tool that identifies which IP addresses are making Wikipedia edits. WikiScanner has revealed that many top companies have been using Wikipedia to bash rivals while downplaying their own fumbles. Although WikiScanner cannot identify which people are making the edits, it can trace an ... (view more)

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'Web Developer's Handbook', and 'Registry Edits For Windows Xp'

Web Developer's Handbook Fabulous Developing web-sites, CSS, Color Tools, SEO, Usability, lots more. http://www.alvit.de/handbook/ Registry Edits For Windows Xp Lots of cool Registry hacks http://www.theeldergeek.com/registry_edits.htm (view more)

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