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Premium Email Service Sparks Privacy Outrage

A premium email service has been slammed for letting users track other people's locations simply by sending a message. It's not a new issue, but has raised legal and ethical questions. The email service is called Superhuman and costs $30 a month. ... That covers a host of features, such as being able to "unsend" a message before its read, plus an "artificial intelligence" tool to decide and highlight which incoming messages are most important. While reviewers are split between whether it's a fantastic service for power users or just a jumped-up Gmail, one designer has laid into Superhuman for a ... (view more)

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AOL Unveils 'Alto': Email Organization Tool

You've Got Mail -- again. AOL is introducing a new email tool designed to make life easier for Internet users, even those running rival email services. About 20 million people still use AOL's email service. That user base is dwarfed by some rivals; ... for example, Google's Gmail boasts 425 million users. Nevertheless, AOL thinks it can improve everyone's email experience. That's why it's launching Alto, an email service that runs in a web browser and brings into a single location messages from AOL, Apple, Gmail, and Yahoo accounts. AOL plans to tweak the service later on so it can work with ... (view more)

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Organize E-Mail Accounts In One Location...Even Off-line

Have you ever anticipated an important email, but found yourself in a location where no WiFi service was available? How about having to be away from your inbox for a few days? Just the thought of having all of those messages build up, only to ... extract one or two relevant ones...what a time-waster! Yahoo has revealed plans to help users manage their email accounts by making their popular email service available on the desktop. The program is called Yahoo Zimbra Desktop and will work with Yahoo Mail, AOL and Google Gmail (in addition to other small business email services) in an effort to ... (view more)

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