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MailWasher Pro 3.20: now with AOL support

Email viruses and unsolicited messages are a huge pain in the neck. It's bad enough that I receive about 50~100 bogus messages a day, but it's even worse when an email worm hits the 'net. The last virus to hit my Inbox was the SoBig email worm back ... in late August of this year, and it caused major havoc: at one point, I had over 2,000 bogus emails waiting to be downloaded to my Inbox in less than 1.5 days. You may recall that on August 28, I wrote an article on coping with unsolicited messages and email viruses. SoBig Email Worm Virus, Part 2 At the end of this article, I mentioned that the ... (view more)

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Freeware Anti-Spam Filters

Recall -- In the past 48 hours, my computer has been utterly bombarded with the W32.sobig.b@mm.html email virus. The worm clogged my mailbox so severely that I wrote an article about it in the last newsletter . Today, I received an email from a user ... named Andrew with a suggestion for anti-spam filtering software: " Hi, Dennis! Sorry to hear about your virus problems. In your last newsletter, you suggested using free anti-virus software and a firewall, in addition to Outlook Express message rules to combat the W32.sobig.b@mm.html email virus. What about using a spam killer? One of my ... (view more)

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