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Implementing a Poll for the Mail Queue

With respect to the title of this newsletter: you might be wondering, "What the heck is a poll?" -- better yet, what is a "mail queue?&quo t; Those are definitely good questions. A poll (in computer lingo) is responsible for sending the computer ... a special request -- usually at a specific time frame. A mail queue is a place where emails are deposited on a computer (for example, a web server) where it awaits to be sent or resent at a later time. How it all Works Whenever I send out the Gazette newsletter, some emails don't get through to their destination. These emails are then ... (view more)

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How do I convert Outlook Express 5.5 emails to 6.0 using Windows 98?

Infopackets Reader 'George' writes: " Dear Dennis, I have Windows 98 installed on my machine. I have installed Internet Explorer 6.0 which also upgraded my Outlook Express to version 6.0. I still have some Outlook Express 5.5 emails that I would ... like to import to Outlook Express 6.0, but there is only a single option to import Outlook Express version 4.0 emails. How can I get my version 5.5 emails? By the way, I have learned many things from your newsletters -- thanks for that! " My Response: At first, I was under the impression that Outlook 5.5 emails were compatible with Outlook 6 ... (view more)


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