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Courts Favor Consumers Over Abusive EULAs

Two recent court rulings indicate that judges are paying closer attention to how corporations conduct online and technological transactions with their customers. This is good news for consumers. (Source: ) End User License Agreements ... (EULAs) are usually lengthy and full of all kinds of legalese. Almost all of them are one-sided and oppressive, offering consumers no choice but to take it or leave it. The first case of Gatton v. T-Mobile (PDF) involved a California Appeals Court that over ruled a provision in the EULA that required consumers to go through arbitration if they wanted to ... (view more)

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Vista Users Beware: Big Brother is Watching released a nice article regarding the plethora of Windows Vista "features and services" that collect, maintain and transmit your personal data to Microsoft and/or their "controlled subsidiaries and affiliates." If you're going to use ... Vista, you really don't have much say in the matter. Microsoft makes it crystal-clear that they're gathering information. The Vista Privacy Statement and the End User License Agreement (EULA) references most of these "features and services", but not all of them. "This disclosure focuses on features that communicate with the Internet and is not ... (view more)

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