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Google Censor 'Right To Be Forgotten' Links Backfire

A web developer has started a site which displays Google censored links, enforced by the " right to be forgotten " rules in Europe. It's another example of how such censorship rules aren't working as well as planned. The new rules came into force ... earlier this year after the European Court of Justice made a final ruling in a long-running case involving Google and a Spanish man . The man wanted Google to remove a link to a news article from the 1990s about his property being repossessed. The man said it was unfair that people who searched for his name online would see that ... (view more)

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Hate a Website About You? It's Not Google's Problem

A European court says Google should only be forced to delete search engine listings in extreme circumstances. It's a blow to campaigners seeking a legal 'right to be forgotten.' The court comments follow the case of a Spanish man whose home was ... repossessed in 1998. A local newspaper published a government announcement about an auction for the property. That article remains online today and is among the first results when you search for the man's name using Google. He says the repossession is far in the past and wants the link to the newspaper article removed. The man complained to Spanish ... (view more)

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Microsoft Fails to Overturn $1B Antitrust Fine

A European court has upheld a $1 billion fine on Microsoft, originally imposed four years ago. The penalty was punishment for Microsoft refusing to share vital information with rival software developers. Microsoft's financial problems with the ... European Union date back to 2004, when it was fined 497 million euros for abusing its market position. That case was based on the conflict of interests arising from Microsoft producing both an operating system (Windows) and individual applications (such as Word and other Office products). Microsoft Accused of Hiding Information At the time, officials ... (view more)

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