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Apps Share Data With Facebook, Even if No FB Account

20 popular Android apps are sharing user data with Facebook without permission, according to a new report. Privacy International says the data sharing happens even if the user doesn't have a Facebook account. The organization tested 34 apps, each of ... which have been installed at least 10 million times on Android devices. It looked at data that was transmitted through the Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK). The kit is a set of tools that are designed to help app developers coordinate their apps with the Facebook system. This is more commonly associated with retrieving data from ... (view more)

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Facebook Bans 'Russian Roulette' App

Facebook has banned an application that allowed users take a one in six chance of destroying their account. However, critics say the social networking site hasn't established any clear rules about such apps. The application has the eye-catching name ... "Social Roulette." Inspired by the deadly pistol game Russian Roulette, it involves the player spinning a virtual revolver cylinder with one of the six chambers loaded -- in this case, with a Facebook logo rather than a bullet. App Deletes Facebook Account Info The resulting death isn't physical but virtual: if the odds are not in your favor, the ... (view more)

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Facebook 'Dislike' Button Offer A Scam

Facebook users have been urged not to click on a link claiming to offer a "dislike" button. The link scams users to get access to their Facebook account. Dislike Link is Not Endorsed by Facebook There is an official "Like" function on Facebook. It ... allows users to give a virtual 'thumbs up' to comments or news posted by their friends. The function has now been extended so that third-party websites can publish a "Like button" on their sites: when visitors click the button, their Facebook account automatically posts a link to the relevant page. A common use is to allow readers to share a link to ... (view more)

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