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Being Blackmailed for Money on Facebook? Here's What to Do

Are you in a hurry because you're actively being blackmailed with sextortion? Contact me here using the contact form. I'll call back as soon as I can. In case I'm not immediately available, I'll also send you a link to a recent call I had with one ... of my clients so you can start on this straight away! The call is similar to 95% of all calls I take , though your circumstances may vary slightly. It provides insight to this crime, including an explanation of who might be blackmailing you, useful tips, and also explains how I can help. It's quick, convenient and 100% anonymous. If you have time, ... (view more)

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Facebook Instant Messages Get More Secure

Facebook is reportedly planning to offer encryption on its messaging tools, which means that neither Facebook, nor governments could read the contents. It's also working on an option to integrate standard text messaging into its Messenger app. The ... idea is to offer end-to-end encryption, meaning that if a message is intercepted at any point between leaving the sender's device and arriving at the recipient's device, it would be unreadable. As well as being a selling point to users who worry about snooping, the tool could also mean Facebook would have a simple answer if law ... (view more)

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