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'FFT', and 'Polsedit'

FFT This program lists the most recently modified files in a selected folder. A double-click in the listing selects the current line and opens the folder containing the name of the file. This program requires the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 ... or higher. http://www.patrice-zwenger.net46.net Polsedit Polsedit is a freeware utility that allows you to modify user policies such as user account rights and user privileges on a local or remote Windows NT-based system. The user interface of Polsedit is very similar to the standard policies editor from Windows, but it also displays some internal ... (view more)

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'Taskix', and 'Fft'

Taskix The new and really effective Taskix allows users to reorder buttons in their Windows taskbar. Those interested in trying Taskix will be pleased to find that it can be used for free, providing the user doesn't sell or promote it as their own. ... Sounds like a good deal to me! http://taskix.robustit.com Fft You'll find a whole list of cool programs from Patrice Zwenger's popular page. For example, Fft Lists the most recently modified files in a selected folder. There are also screen capture programs and video players available here! Great stuff! http://patrice-zwenger.net46.net Today's ... (view more)

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