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Windows 10 to Widely Support Fingerprint, Key Logins

Windows 10 will support a key standard for security measures designed as an alternative to the traditional password. It could make it easier to use methods such as fingerprint recognition or a "key-like" USB stick. Microsoft has confirmed the ... operating system will support the Fast Identity Online (Fido) standards. That's an industry-wide specification supported by tech firms such as BlackBerry and Google and financial firms such as PayPal, Discover and Visa. (Source: ) Fido isn't specific to any one device, but rather is a specification about the way computers ... (view more)

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Microsoft Joins Group Determined to Kill Passwords

Microsoft has joined a group determined to ditch the traditional password as a security measure. The group wants to develop alternatives that are more capable of protecting our favorite devices and most sensitive data. The group is called the FIDO ... (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, which is based around the idea that passwords, although widely used and easy to understand, are an inherently flawed security measure because they can be guessed or stolen. Although many new authentication measures -- such as fingerprint scans -- have emerged and are more secure from a technical perspective, FIDO ... (view more)

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