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Use Multiple References to the Same Footnote: MS Word

Microsoft Word includes a feature that allows you to add footnotes and endnotes to your documents. This can come in real handy for some type of scholarly or scientific documents; however, in some instances, you may need to use only a single footnote ... for multiple references within a document. To do so: Insert your first (primary) footnote as normal. Position the insertion point in the document where you want the secondary reference to the footnote. Choose Insert | Reference | Cross-reference. MS Word will display the Cross-reference dialog box. Using the Reference Type drop-down list, choose ... (view more)

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How to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients

Have you ever wanted to send an email to a group of people -- but need to prevent the individuals in the group from seeing each other's email addresses? You can do this by sending an email to "undisclosed recipients". To do so: Launch your email ... program, and click the button to create a new email message. In the 'To' address field enter 'Undisclosed Recipients' followed by your e-mail address in braces. For example: 'Undisclosed Recipients ' Side note: If you leave the TO: field blank, the email may bounce as some service providers may filter mark the mail as spam. In the BCC (Blind ... (view more)


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