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Print a Word Form: MS Word

After you have completed a form template in MS Word , you can use it to fill in the blanks. You can also print the form and have folks fill it out with a pen or pencil. This makes it easier for whomever does the data entry to follow, because the ... printed form matches what they see on the screen. Below is the easiest way to fill out a form and print the results. Click on File | New. Select the custom from template that you have created by selecting On my computer under Templates in the Task pane, which will open up the Template area and you can scroll to select your form there. Fill in each ... (view more)

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Create and Modify a Form: MS Word

Forms, such as contracts and applications, are standard text documents with form fields inserted throughout where you fill in the blanks. You can create forms that will be used on screen, or printed and filled out on paper. Typically, you save the ... form as a template. Saving the form as a template offers two main advantages: it can be reused without changing the original and it's easier for the user to fill it in. Follow the steps below to create a form: Launch MS Word if it isn't already open. Start a new, blank document. Type in the standard headings and text that will appear in each ... (view more)

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Use AutoFill: MS Excel

After you've built a budget for a single period of time, you often have to repeat the process for several other time periods, say the next month, quarter or year. MS Excel provides the AutoFill feature to copy text, numbers and formulas to adjacent ... cells. You can also use the feature to create a sequence. AutoFill saves you the trouble of typing the same text, numbers and formulas repeatedly. Copy Data The active cell is surrounded by a bold rectangle, and on the lower-right corner is a small black square called the fill handle. Select the cell you want to copy. Place the mouse pointer over ... (view more)

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Disable or enable AutoComplete in Internet Explorer?, Part 2

Last week , Rocky R. asked how to turn on the AutoComplete feature found in Internet Explorer. A quick recap: what is AutoComplete? When enabled, the AutoComplete feature remembers (and completes) frequently used form data on web pages. An example ... of a form might be one that asks you a name and password, such as the login form used at After providing instructions on how to enable / disable the AutoComplete in last week's newsletter, I furthered the discussion by introducing a dilemma of my own. My problem was that I sometimes have to revert back to an old image (backup) of ... (view more)

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