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Tool Can Hack Into A Windows PC Sans Password

A New Zealand-based security consultant has released a tool that can unlock a Windows computer in seconds without a password. The hack, which involves Windows XP computers but has not been tested with Windows Vista, was first demonstrated by Adam ... Boileau at a security conference in Sydney in 2006. Microsoft has not developed a fix for it yet. (Source: ) The tool released by Boileau can unlock Windows machines or login without a password by plugging in a Firewire cable and running a command. Boileau did not release the tool in 2006 because Microsoft was cagey about whether Firewire ... (view more)

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Using IEEE 1394 Firewire port to capture video from VCR?

Infopackets Reader Joel T. writes: " Dear Dennis, Thank you for the wonderfully helpful articles on VCR to DVD / CD transfers [ article 1 / article 2 ], but I am still left with one point of confusion. I had read so much about using a Firewire port ... to stream video to the PC, that I ordered a Firewire port with my new computer. I did not, however, specifically order a video capture card (I got a Dell with an Nvidia 6800 GTO card). Does this mean that the Firewire port on my new PC is not adequate for streaming video from a VCR or video camera? Am I still short a special capture card? ... (view more)

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