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Flickr, Getty Images Offer Payday to Amateur Photographers

Yahoo is partnering with Getty Images to turn the Flickr online photo community into a treasure trove of resources. Getty has announced it will be offering select Flickr members the chance to license their work for publication in media outlets all ... over the world. With clients in 100 countries, Getty is the largest distributor and provider of photographic images for media outlets in the world. Reports suggest Getty is willing to pay up to $240 for the photographs it uses. Over the next few months, the image provider will be checking out available photos on Flickr, and when they find something ... (view more)

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Flickr Flashes New Video Feature In Challenge To YouTube

The image-hosting site Flickr has launched an online video page that appears to be a natural rival to YouTube. However, most analysts think the move has come too late. It's an extension of the search engine wars: Flickr is owned by Yahoo, while ... Google owns YouTube. Though Yahoo already has a video hosting service, it's only available to media outlets and professionals. The new Flickr service will allow anyone to view videos, but only 'pro' members can upload footage. This will cost $24.95 a year, and even then clips will be limited to 90 seconds. That's in sharp contrast to YouTube, which ... (view more)

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Yahoo Photos Will Soon 'Flickr' Out

If you're a Yahoo Photos user, you'll soon be moving your precious online family albums elsewhere. That's because Yahoo is officially shutting down its Photos portal in favor of its newer -- and far superior -- photo sharing website, To ... Yahoo's credit, it won't simply force Flickr on its users. Instead, according to Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, Yahoo will also direct folks to a variety of outside options. PhotoBucket, MySpace, Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly, and Snapfish are said to be among the choices Yahoo Photos members will be given. "Flickr will get top-billing, of ... (view more)

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Preloader for flickr

Let me just start like this: Preloader rocks. I can't believe I just found this tool! Preloader is a free image editing tool for flickr users. It's designed to pre-process photos uploaded to flickr. Using the public flickr API, Preloader connects to ... your fickr account and allows you to edit your photos in your browser. And these aren't just your basic edits, either! Beyond your basic cropping and rotating, you can edit layers, apply filters (ie. sharpen, contrast, greyscale, brightness, etc.), adjust the gradient, histogram, add text, ... (view more)

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The New Version of Gtalkr is Here!

If you haven't checked out Gtalkr lately, it's time to rewind! Gtalkr is a tool used to log into your GoogleTalk account online (via their website), in place of using the GoogleTalk program. When you use Gtalkr to chat with your buddies, your ... Instant Message (IM) conversations are saved and are then searchable... so it's like you can Google your IMs! But Gtalkr is so much more than just instant messaging. You can also add content, like RSS feeds, to your Gtalkr page. Several popular feeds are already available to add with a click of a button, or you can add your own. Other Gtalkr extensions ... (view more)

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