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New BlackBerry Boasts Old-School Looks, New-School Functionality

Fans of the BlackBerry will be pleased to hear that a brand-new flip version of the popular device is now available. The BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 is Waterloo, Canada-based Research in Motion's (RIM) first foray into the flip sector of the ... cellphone market. RIM first announced the Flip 8220 in September, but failed to release any conclusive details about its ultimate release date. In fact, the company only ball-parked a late fall launch; thankfully for the many BlackBerry fans anticipating the device's release it appears to be ahead of schedule and should be available in stores today. Like ... (view more)

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'Vista Flip 3d Activator', and 'Auto Window Manager'

Vista Flip 3d Activator The Vista Flip 3D Activator is a tiny utility that enhances the Flip 3D feature of Windows Vista by allowing you to control it with your mouse. Just move the cursor to a corner of the screen that you choose, and Flip 3D is ... activated. You can then use the mouse to scroll through your open windows and/or select one. http://www.notj.net/flip3d/index.html Auto Window Manager Auto Window Manager automatically manages any window you specify. For instance, some web browsers open up in a non-maximized window. Using Auto Window Manager, you can set those windows to ... (view more)

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Rotate and Flip an Object: MS Word

When an object does not appear to be going in the right direction in MS Word, you can flip or rotate it to your preference. When you want to pivot the object to that it is at a different angle, you can change its rotation. If you want a mirror image ... of the object, you can flip it. To rotate follow the steps below: Select the object so that sizing handles surround it. Click the Free Rotate button on the Drawing toolbar. This changes the sizing handles to green circles and changes the mouse pointer as well. Drag any of the green handles to pivot the object. When you are finished, click away ... (view more)

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