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Chinese Hackers Infect Forbes, Spy on Visitors

Chinese spies have reportedly infected the Forbes website in order to steal data from staff at defense and finance organizations. The attack is unlike most attacks on large websites, as the motive was for intelligence, rather than profit. The Forbes ... website attack reportedly took place in November 2014, with the security gap plugged by approximately three days later. To propagate the attack, hackers replaced a legitimate file on the web server used for the "Thought of the Day" feature, which appeared on every page of the Forbes website. The malicious file was then automatically ... (view more)

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Microsoft, Google Execs Dominate Billionaires List

A recent Forbes report reveals just how much money can be made in the lucrative consumer technology business. Forbes' annual list of the world's wealthiest people is largely dominated by executives from the tech industry's biggest firms, including ... Microsoft and Google. Sitting atop the world's richest people list is Mexican mobile mogul Carlos Slim Helu, who controls Latin American firm America Movil. Helu's net worth: an astounding $73 billion. Gates, Ballmer, Allen in Top 60 Not far behind is Microsoft chairman Bill Gates , who is worth a reported $67 billion. A short jump down the list to ... (view more)

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