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Using Format Painter in Multiple Places at Once in MS Word

We all know that if we want to copy formatting from one paragraph to another, we simply Highlight the formatting we want to copy and click on the Format Painter and then drag it across the paragraphs where we want the same formatting. But if you ... double-click on the Format Painter icon, it extends the functionality and you can use it repeatedly without moving your cursor to that point from where we want to copy your format. The icon will remain "pressed." Once you are finished copying formatting, click on the Format Painter again or press Esc to turn off the function. When you become a member ... (view more)

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Copy Formatting: MS Word

After you've gone to the trouble to apply all the various formatting options to your text, you may want to reproduce specific formatting in several places in your document. For example: suppose you decide that the body of a report looks fine with an ... 11-point Courier New font, but for definition, you decide to make the headings 14-point Arial Bold Italic in blue, with a bold blue underline. It would take a lot of time to highlight each bit of text and apply all those formatting commands. Instead, you can save time by copying the format you've already applied to text. At first, you might think ... (view more)

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