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Win7 Pre-Sale in Europe Crashes Microsoft Web Site

It appears as if Windows 7 will not need to reach its designated release date to make a big splash in Europe. According to several sources, Microsoft's European online store crashed within hours of offering discounted pre-order copies of the new ... operating system. The sale officially encompassed the major markets in the United Kingdom (UK), France and Germany, where both Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional editions were being sold at very reasonable discount prices. Win7: More than Half-Off the List Price Windows 7E Home Premium is now selling for 49.99 GBP (Great Britain Pound) ... (view more)

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Conficker Worm Saves Hundreds from Traffic Violations

Since it was first introduced several months ago, the dreaded Conficker worm has been synonymous with wreaking havoc on computers worldwide. Almost no one would ever consider its creation a "good" thing, but that may be changing, if only in one ... isolated incident. Ironically the virus, warned to be harmful to millions of people around the globe, has actually made a few hundred fans in England. The warm reception came following a planned attack on Manchester City Council (MCC). According to the Manchester Evening News, a total of 1,609 traffic tickets could not be issued within the 28 ... (view more)

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