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How to Fix: Windows 10 Display (Black Border): Nvidia

Infopackets Reader Kim H. writes: " Dear Dennis, I just upgraded to Windows 10 and my screen shrank with a big black border around it. Previously I was running Windows 7 and the screen fit fine on my monitor. I read your article, " How to Fix: ... Windows 10 Black Border (Shrinking Screen) ," where you detailed how to manually adjust the video scaling options for Radeon video cards, so that the screen stretches all the way properly onto the monitor's edge. I have an Nvidia video card and was wondering if you had a similar fix so I can make Windows 10 fit properly onto my entire screen? " My ... (view more)

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'Nvidia GeForce Experience 1.5.0', and 'Mozilla Firefox 22.0 Beta'

Nvidia GeForce Experience 1.5.0 Keep your Nvidia GeForce graphics card up-to-date with this handy new tool. It allows you to download the latest drivers for your graphics card with a single click -- even better, you don't have to leave your PC's ... desktop to initiate the process! Mozilla Firefox 22.0 Beta Here's your chance to test out the next version of Mozilla's Firefox Internet browser way ahead of everyone else! You'll get a sneak-peak at all the performance, customization, and security improvements. You can then offer Mozilla feedback that will help them build a ... (view more)

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